Your company needs insights that scale.

Paradigm Interactive offers advanced, cost-effective data visualization and business intelligence solutions.

Amazing Insights, Powerful Apps

Reimagine your workflows with something more powerful than spreadsheets, data science notebooks, and traditional BI combined.



All functionality is reusable and can be shared across multiple applications.

Store Everything

Take advantage of a world-class query and storage API that enables trivial scalability.

Flexible Design

Our dashboards are fully configurable web applications and highly customizable.


Prototype To Finished Product, Quickly

We create real applications in just a fraction of the time usually required.

  • Configurable dashboards that are easy to use
  • Go beyond limitations of other BI tools with a custom solution
  • Quick turnaround time, full app prototype within 1-2 weeks
Our services

Powerful Tools, Real Apps

Create insights within your organization that you've never seen before. Our deliverables are real independent web applications without any of the associated costs.

  • Generation of APIs, Dashboards, & Data Pipeline flows
  • Framework highly optimized for data visualization
  • Deploy our apps as Docker containers on Kubernetes

Advanced Search

Perform complex queries on large sets of data with our easy-to-use API.

  • Support for huge datasets
  • Publishing framework for handling high volume ingest
  • Support for custom queries by configuration
  • On-premise cloud options available

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