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Introducing a visual analytics & document management system for improved processes and business intelligence.

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Get powerful dashboards and complex visualizations customized for your industry

Business Intelligence (BI) used to be only within the purview of big business. Only companies with deep pockets could afford robust BI systems, such as business data warehouses or business process management tools.

Now BI can be applied to any sector — and even by small businesses. Our modern business intelligence software accommodates established best practices and trends, while simultaneously allowing business owners to connect disparate data sources & customize their experience for various different usecases within their company.

Paradigm Interactive's software is the best choice for powerful business analytics and document management.

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Your organization's new business intelligence tool

Get deeper insights into information and improve workflows. VisualApps Suite™ is your personalized data cloud for advanced visual applications that improve productivity.

With VisualApps Suite™, our business intelligence software, business owners can access their business documents, business process dashboards, and business data sources on any device.

Managers, owners, and workers alike can now really see what's going on with with their own BI / MIS (Management Information System) visual applications.



Improve productivity with our personalized suite of feature-rich business applications.


Explore and interact with dynamic, reusable reports designed for your usecase.

Document Management

Organize documents, attach supporting materials, and link together reports.

Project Analytics

Visualize project statistics, store project files, and visualize progress easily.


Increase insights by charting and graphing information in exciting new ways.


Go from time-consuming manual reports to an automated reporting cloud.


Easily find and sort through your troves of business reports and data.

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Visualize business proposals and compare and contrast project estimates.

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Make your own data entry forms and summarize user feedback.

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BI Software with Powerful Features

We create applications and dashboards that integrate with your data sources, organize information, and visualize your business's key metrics with ease.

With industry-specific features and embedded best practices, business users can easily integrate BI with business process management and business activity monitoring capabilities. This software increases business user productivity by providing users with dashboards for both ad-hoc analytics and regular reporting.

  • A complete solution for organizing & visualizing any data in any industry
  • Complete integration with your data sources
  • A report generation system with scalable business intelligence architecture
  • Reporting, data entry, and analytics automation
  • Customized interactive dashboards for any use case
Custom dashboards

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Example Usecase:

Tools for Architecture & Design

Organizations around the world rely on business intelligence to be more efficient and competitive. Today's technologies help business users quickly address business problems with powerful tools. Combining BI, document management, and visual analytics capabilities, business users can address business issues more quickly.

Enhance collaboration on architecture, design, and construction projects through business intelligence with interactive summary and drill-down dashboards.

  • Increase understanding of your business with full proposal lifecycle management
  • Analyze estimates with our supplementary estimation app
  • Online interior design tools
Estimating Software For Construction & More

An Extensible Platform for Meeting Future Business Challenges

Paradigm Interactive offers an extensible platform that supports the latest business intelligence technology. With this software, business users can rapidly create business insights within your organization. Using powerful business intelligence tools, business users can transform raw data into retail analytics, customer analytics, or other industry-specific visualizations for improved business decision-making. Our system is capable of visualizing any data you'd want to see.

  • Utilize our powerful pre-built business applications
  • OR
  • Quote customized business applications, dashboards, & visualizations specific to your needs
How to create insights
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