VisualApps Suite™

After extensive research, we've built a new reporting system and data room for the next decade.

VisualApps Suite does document management, visualization, and so much more.

We built VisualApps Suite for industries and usecases such as:

  • Pre-construction and estimation
  • Business scorecarding & dynamic overviews
  • Retail & inventory applications
  • Marketing & Sales metrics
  • Plotting and tracking any KPI See more usecases

Easy. Modern. Efficient. Powerful.

Do more with VisualApps Suite™

Document Management - Evolved

Managing a project's documents has never been easier.

  • Store and organize reports by project, owner, assigned, and more
  • Visualize reports and explore dynamic views and dashboards
  • Link together reports to find them easier
  • Export and generate collated documents


Your organization's documents are disparate - why not make them intuitive to find with search?

  • Document profiles and custom document attributes
  • Sorting and filtering by report title, description, project, and more
  • Saved search profiles


Effective estimation is not just about sending over a document to your potential customer - it's about being consistently able to deliver. It's about understanding what you can do better next time and fostering data-enabled communication with your team.

  • Win more jobs by improving insights into your proposals
  • Export and generate business proposal documents
  • Compare and contrast invoices
  • View the lifecycle of your proposals on a timeline

Custom Dashboards

Do you have an idea for a custom view of metrics and graphs? What about some specific KPIs you need to monitor? Don't worry: with our platform, it's a piece of cake.

  • Quickly get results and new views into your organization's data
  • Quote customized business applications, dashboards, & visualizations specific to your needs
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