VisualApps Suite™
Advanced Data Visualization Software

After extensive research, we've built a new reporting system and data room for the next decade.

VisualApps Suite does document management, visualization, and so much more.

We built VisualApps Suite for industries and usecases such as:

  • Pre-construction and estimation
  • Business scorecarding & dynamic overviews
  • Retail & inventory applications
  • Marketing & Sales metrics
  • Plotting and tracking any KPI
  • See more usecases

Easy. Modern. Efficient. Powerful.

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Document Management - Evolved

Managing a project's documents has never been easier.

Documentation is a crucial part of any project. Whether it's creating the actual documentation or ensuring everyone has access to the information, effective document management can be the difference between success and failure.

Our business intelligence architecture gives you everything you need to get started storing and organizing your documents and data. If you're new to this, you'll find that managing project documents has never been more accessible.

By utilizing these new features, your company can save time and money by efficiently reorganizing reports, keeping everyone involved in the project up-to-date on progress while eliminating duplicate efforts.

  • Store and organize reports by project, owner, assigned, and more
  • Visualize reports and explore dynamic views and dashboards
  • Link together reports to find them easier
  • Export and generate collated documents

Search Easier Using Profile-Driven Workflows

Your organization's documents are disparate - why not make them intuitive to find with search?

  • Document profiles and custom document attributes
  • Sorting and filtering by report title, description, project, and more
  • Saved search profiles


Effective estimation is not just about sending over a document to your potential customer - it's about being consistently able to deliver. It's about understanding what you can do better next time and fostering data-enabled communication with your team.

  • Win more jobs by improving insights into your proposals
  • Export and generate business proposal documents
  • Compare and contrast invoices
  • View the lifecycle of your proposals on a timeline

Custom Dashboards

Do you have an idea for a custom view of metrics and graphs? What about some specific KPIs you need to monitor? Don't worry: with our platform, it's a piece of cake.

  • Quickly get results and new views into your organization's data
  • Quote customized business applications, dashboards, & visualizations specific to your needs
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