Estimating software for construction & more

Most estimation processes today don't have a comprehensive business intelligence. We can enhance your estimation process with more visuals to give both your estimators and executive management more ways to understand your proposals.

Analyze proposals and understand the full proposal lifecycle with our Proposals visual app.

  • Integration with your industry's project management solution
  • Construction estimating templates
  • Architecture cost estimating reports
  • Interior design estimation reports

Proposal Lifecycle Analysis

Visualize the status of your proposals and analyze your sales pipeline.

  • Win more jobs by improving insights into your proposals
  • Capture and find anamolies to find bottlnecks in your process
  • Enable granular decision making with interactive data exploration
  • View the lifecycle of your proposals on a timeline
Proposal lifecycle
Estimate comparison

Estimate Comparison

Cross-compare esimates and understand high-level differences with a few clicks, not hours spent in a spreadsheet.

  • Save time by streamlining your analysis workflow
  • Keep track of changes over the entire estimation process
  • Highlight cost differences and measure material price inflation

Proposal Generation Tool

Create beautiful proposals by using our document automation solution.

  • Export and generate business proposal and estimate documents
  • Create reports showing proposal status, active jobs, & more
  • Generate invoices, estimates, and estimate analysis results

Visualize Your Data

Empower your estimating processes with visualization. Explore interactive dashboards and charts & see the big picture. Enable data-driven understanding of your jobs with VisualApps Suite™.

  • Determine anamolies at a glance and create awareness of any issues
  • Sort and search data tables by columns with a click of a button
  • Drill-down into invoices interactively
visualization chart

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