Balanced Business Scorecard Software

Get full visibility into the status of active company initiatives.

Business scorecarding is the measurement of a company's success using key performance indicators (KPIs). A business scorecard allows you to track your progress over time, and see how you are performing in relation to your goals.

Improve data-driven decision making with a balanced scorecard customized for your business.

  • Get your own Balanced Scorecard dashboard with configurable KPIs, OKRs, & more
  • See big picture strategy maps and drill-down for further analysis
  • Close the knowledge gap between departments


Measure and Improve Metrics That Matter

Objective and Key Results (OKR) software

Far too often businesses lack the visibility needed to take a data driven approach to making decisions. Far too often businesses are incapable of acting on data, because the overhead of data analysis is too high. An efficient data-driven approach can be enabled by first adopting the right tools.

Paradigm Interactive offers a business intelligence cloud featuring automated scorecard capabilities that make it easier for your business to scale.

  • Monitor KPI improvements and automate continual reporting on scorecard status
  • View scorecard summaries that can list and chart OKRs
  • Visualize company initiatives with strategy maps
Business Intelligence Software

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With advanced scorecarding capabilities, opportunities for data-driven decision making accelerate immensely.